A Pole Tragedy

A young woman hangs on a pole. If she doesn't hold on, she falls. But she is holding on. She is strong, she is beautiful, she's Iphigenia. Working hard not to crash into the earth, reaching for heavenly heights. She's using the powers of her body, but how long will she last?

A Pole Tragedy is a pole dance performance inspired by Euripides' infamous tragedy of sacrifice, Iphigenia in Aulis. The performance constitutes the search for (sexual) autonomy and ownership of women's bodies in a world dominated by men. A duet between a woman and her pole, on the paradoxical verge of a feminist accusation of patriarchy and a rape phantasy that got out of hand. 

Concept, text, performance: Sofie Kramer
Dramaturgy: Doke Pauwels
Sound development: Mári Mákó
Costume: Esther Sloots
Light design and video: Hendrik Walther
Coaching: Keren Levi
Teaser: Hessel Stuut

Photography: Nichon Glerum

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