Antidote 1on1

Antidote 1on1 presents seven intimate solo performances at quirky locations in Amsterdam Noord, performed especially for one spectator at a time. After months of zoomparties, online meetings, virtual fitness classes and dodging each other in the supermarket, for Antidote 1on1 initiates a research into new modes of intimacy and adventure, together with seven solo-artists from different disciplines. 

Put together your own performance expedition and hit the road. Check-in at the Hilton for uncanny bedtime stories overlooking the NDSM-wharf, take a seat in an urban green landscape for a confidential phone call, or visit De Ruimte for a sci-fi Beethoven interpretation. 

Festival dates: June 21st 2020 and October 4th 2020

With performances by: Pankaj Tiwari; Ira Brand; Elisa Zuppini; Vincent van Woerkom; Akim Moisenkov; Keren Rosenberg & Maarten Bos

Artistic direction, programmers and organization: Bibi Scholten van Aschat, Koen Bartijn & Doke Pauwels
Photography: Inez Agese & Rona Lane Photography

Location partners: Tolhuistuin; SEXYLAND; Buurthaven; De Ruimte; Dansmakers Amsterdam; Doublte Tree by Hilton NDSM; NDSM loods; Patty Morgan en Kunstlicht

Flyer image: Paula Stoffijn

Antidote 1on1 was supported by Fonds Podiumkunsten and Cultuurfonds