Antidote Festival '19 

Antidote Festival is a three day dance and performance festival in the forest. On 28, 29 and 30 June, an international collective of artists from Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Brussels and Cape Town move into the forest by Utrecht to establish a temporary, future arts community. The encounter between audience and dancers, choreographers, performers, technicians, thinkers and other artists is pivotal during this No Backstage festival.

With performances, work in progress and workshops by: Sita Ostheimer Company; Cherish Menzo and Benjamin Kahn; Faizah Grootens; Tiisetso Mashifane Wa Noni; Nicola van Straaten; Doke Pauwels; Phelim Hoey; Louis Nam Le van Ho and Noé Pellencin; Joram van Loggem; Xanthe van Opstal; Maarten Bos; Elisa Zuppini; Darkroom Contemporary and Mthuthuzeli November.

Artistic direction: Doke Pauwels en Koen Bartijn

Producer: Katrine Steeghs

Visual design: Isa Grütter
Location: Herman van Veen Arts Center

Light design: Jasper Nijholt

Sound and technical producer: Sonne Scheermakers

Photographer: Rona Lane Photography 

Aftermovie: Rogier Houwen (camera) and Doke Pauwels (edit)

Antidote Festival was supported by VSB Fonds; Ons Fonds; Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds; KF Hein Fonds; Tijgat Fonds and the Herman van Veen Arts Center.