As a dramaturg I enjoy working closely with a director or choreographer in all phases of the creative process. Together we develop the first idea for a piece into a solid, exciting, and theatrically original concept. We brainstorm, research, analyze (the) text and nourish the idea by exchanging inspiring material, all in order to arrive at a potent conceptual and methodological core of the performance-to-be. In rehearsal I watch and reflect as a 'first spectator', paying attention to and reflecting critically on the structure, significance and consequences of what is made. My main objective is to search for the most effective and poignant way to transmit the "story" from the stage to an audience.


I like to grow sustainable collaborations with artists. The better I know my collaborators, their vision and their journey, the better I can support them in all facets of their practice: writing funding applications and publicity texts, finding residencies or performance opportunities and discovering new repertory, topics and collaborators.