How to Kill a Tree

The play ‘How to kill a tree’ follows the lives of five trees across a 500 year period from the 1550’s. There is an old Sámi belief that certain trees have only just lost the power of voice; Thomson picks up that idea to speculate on just what the trees might say to each other, or perhaps even to us. During this period the trees have witnessed great changes in their surroundings and the way in which they’ve been regarded by the human society around them. The biggest change being the invention of forestry as an industry, and its continual evolution as a discipline propelled by a belief in productivity and growth. The five trees are the central characters of this play and a drama unfolds as these external changes affect their circumstance. As modernity creeps into the forest through mechanisation and the newly realised desire for profit the trees’ ‘voices’ are eroded and empathy between them breaks down.

Director: Edward Clydesdale Thomson

Dramaturg: Doke Pauwels

Actors: Anna Nijenhuis, Eva Meijering, Nik Bos, Mathieu Wijdeven en Carmen van Mulier
Costume design and Scenograpy: Sacha Zwiers
Soundscape: Terje Øverås
Technical Inspicient: Hansjan Fokkens
Producer: Yvonne Dubbers

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