Oedipus JR. 

International Theater Amsterdam 


"Is something going to happen to us?
The answer to that question is always: yes."

Who is Oedipus? That's a harder question to answer than the riddle of the Sfinx. Man, son, father, king: he thought he knew, but now, nothing's certain. Minute after minute, Oedipus sees his identity crumble. And he follows the crumbs in search of the truth. In Oedipus Jr. twenty youngsters take on Oedipus and ask themselves his questions: Who am I and why? Am I going to become who I wanted to be? And where lie the boundaries of my agency?  In this theatrical game they invite the audience to investigate with them just how malleable life is. Thrown back and forth between faith and self-determination, you play for a successful life. The stakes? That's you. 

After: Sophocles
Concept & Directors: Emke Idema and Rosa Fontein

Dramaturg: Doke Pauwels

Scenographer and costume design: Marjolein Brouwer

Light Design: Douwe Bulten

Sound design:: Jens Bakker

Photography Rosalien Derkinderen and Julien Sunyé 

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