Sons and Daughters 

International Theater Amsterdam ​

A laboratory of love

Inspired by ITA's Husbands and wives, a group of 25 young actors, writers, vloggers and bloggers started researching love and relationships. In this laboratory of love, they are both the object of investigation and the researchers. The most banal and philosophical aspects of this wonderful phenomenon are under investigation. What is attraction? How to fight "well"? Can you fall in love via Tinder? These experts share their perspectives on love through a personal manifesto, and shine an illuminating light on the perspective of their parents.

Concept & directors: Maartje Ghijsen, Victor Mentink
Writer: Victor Mentink

Dramaturg: Doke Pauwels

Scenographer and costume design: Sofie Doeland

Sound design: Bram Anneveldt

Light design: Jonas de Vries 

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