The Hatred of Poetry

Three women, three verses: in her latest work, young choreographer Doke Pauwels plays with poetic principles in the ‘writing’ of a physical poem. The Hatred of Poetry is a short, compelling trip filled with rhyme, paradox and disorienting physicality. Guided by three dancers, to the meter of your own imagination.


Earlier this year, Doke created a short piece for On Stage (VPRO). This marked the beginning of her choreographic research into how poetic literary tools can be translated to bodies, space and movement. 


Doke Pauwels (choreographer, dancer); Marion Bosetti (dancer); Rachele Chinellato (dancer); Marnix Dorrestein (music); Belle de Wit (dramaturgy); Jasper Nijholt (light); Karlijne Opmeer (costumes); Rogier Houwen (film and photography). With support by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Fonds Podiumkunsten and Olland Buisman Stichting.


22 August 2021: Herman van Veen Arts Center

9, 10, 11 September 2021: De Melkweg, Amsterdam Fringe Festival

4, 5 november 2021: Plein Theater.

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