In 2018 I founded the arts initiative 'Antidote' with Koen Bartijn (dramaturg). Antidote is a project wherein we experiment with collective and non-hierarchical collaborations in the creation and organization of art(events), for which we draw inspiration from the philosophy of the Commons. Antidote originated from a desire to start a movement of creative practices in which solidarity, trust and collaboration are paramount, and in which we try to counter the tendencies of competition, hierarchical power structures and individualism that years of neoliberal policy have forced upon our field. 


Our first manifestation was Antidote Festival 2019, a three day dance and performance festival as a laboratory for common curation and democratic decision making. The bottom line of the festival was that this group of 35 international artists and performers was "in charge", as active agents, of the shared conditions under which they created. 

Through festivals, performances, jams and artistic research - in which the encounter between artists and between artists and their audiences is always pivotal - Antidote manifests itself as an ongoing research into commonality, collaboration and solidarity between makers, and as an exercise in artistic self-organization. A network of international performing artists from different disciplines has formed around the Antidote project, and we collaborate in different formations as a fluid, nomadic collective.

In 2020 creative producer Bibi Scholten van Aschat joined Antidote's core team.

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